Elevate Your Performance

With mental training, value-based decision making, personal branding, university recruiting and life skills development. Access Sport's Athlete Centered Programming will turn student-athletes into leaders, influencers and champions in sport, school and life.

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me…

"Where were you when I was going through this"...
Many of our services are things that you don't know, or don't think, you need until it's too late.
Don't struggle on your own!

No matter what your sport - No matter what your dream

Working with Access Sport has been so empowering! It has reinforced the fact that each young athlete makes her own unique choices and applies those choices within the factors before her. The mentoring model Jenn uses presents the athlete with unique choices, that naturally lead to decisions that are individually tailored to the specific goals, values and personality of the athlete.
Jessica - Parent of a High School Athlete

If You Are...

1. Trying to make an important team?
Sometimes the difference maker is not about your sport sport skills
and more about the intangibles.
Communication. Leadership. Performance Management.
Try Foundations of Success

2. Struggling with Goals?
Whether you need guidance to identify what exactly your goals should be.
Writing strong goals that call you into action, or
Staying motivated, inspired and having a plan in place to achieve them.
We can help.
Try Epic Goal Setting

3. Want to be Recruited?
But not so sure where to start?
The recruiting process is complicated, but there is a collegiate
opportunity out there that is perfect for you.
Meet with an athlete mentor
to clarify the steps and find out what you should be doing.
Set up a Mentoring Session

4. Trying to Build Team Cohesion or Culture?
Coach education related to mindset, mental toughness,
leadership, communication skills and other strategies
to bring your team together and build on their performance level.
Check out Coach Workshops

5. Willing to work?
Excellent! this is your program!
We will teach you the skills and strategies you need to confidently
chase down your dreams and improve your overall performance exponentially!
If at any time you just need a bit of support...
Give us a Shout!

I would recommend Access Sport mentoring to other athletes because I have found it beneficial to have an adult advisor who is not a parent or teacher that can help me focus on my options and make decisions about my future. There are a lot of confusing or intimidating ideas about your future and it’s nice to have someone who has been through it and is able to help you clarify what you need to do, not what your parents or other outside sources want you to do..
Monica - 2017 High School Grad